New portfolio company in Tanzania scaling up access to electric cooking services

A new agreement has been signed with Sayari Safi Limited, which operates locally as UpEnergy Tanzania. The company aims to scale up its distribution of electric cooking services across Tanzania and the aim is to implement over 123,000 new e-cookers, which are expected to benefit over 600,000 Tanzanians by the end of 2027.

Over half a million Zambians to receive access to clean cooking solutions

We have announced our first cohort of investee companies in Zambia. The latest MCFA agreement has been signed with ENGIE Energy Access in Zambia to scale up access to innovative biodigester technology. Together ENGIE, Emerging Cooking Solutions and BURN will provide accesss to clean cooking solutions for over 550,000 Zambians by the end of 2027.

Learn why support for clean cooking solutions is needed

The Modern Cooking Facility for Africa is a financing programme supporting scale-up of clean cooking solutions in seven Sub-Saharan African countries. The aim of the programme is to provide up to 4 million people in Africa with access to clean, modern and affordable cooking solutions by the end of 2027.

Programme background

Over 2.3 billion people globally and almost 900 million people in Sub-Saharan African countries lack access to modern and clean cooking solutions. This is the only region in the world where access to clean cooking solutions has not kept pace with population growth.

The aim of the MCFA programme is to provide up to 4 million Africans with access to clean cooking solutions, initially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The programme will also aim to have a large positive environmental impact, mitigating deforestation and avoiding CO2 emissions, as well as improving overall health and increasing economic growth in the project countries.

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