Africa-EU Partnership energy talks webinar: Fuelling partnerships – Investing in clean cooking for health, equality, and climate in Africa

AEEP webinar 26 June 2024

The Energy talks on 26 June will highlight the critical status of clean cooking in Africa and lessons learnt from Africa-European collaboration on clean cooking solutions and their impact.

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The European Union announced the mobilisation of 400 million euros for clean cooking activities under the Africa-EU Green Energy Initiative in connection to the Clean Cooking in Africa Summit in May 2024. Under the Global Gateway Africa-Europe Investment Package, the European Union has committed to mobilise up to €150 billion in investments for Africa between 2021 and 2027 to accelerate an inclusive, green and digital transition. An example of this is the Regional Clean Cooking Action in West Africa – ReCCAWA (€12 million) that aims to increasing access to clean, efficient, sustainable and affordable cooking solutions in the region by strengthening enabling frameworks, proposing innovative financing and promoting scalable business models.

The AEEP Energy Talks on 26 June 2024 will showcase these and other bicontinental programmes and initiatives to learn from best practice and discuss how to scale up efforts for clean cooking solutions in Africa within the frame of Africa-EU partnerships.

Read more about the webinar on AEEP’s event page and download the agenda here.

Published: June 24, 2024
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